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Language consultation Jazyková konzultace
Individuální lekce
Skupinová výuka
Firemní výuka
15 minutovka / hodiny přes telefon
Asynchronní výuka
Příprava na zkoušky / Exams preparation
Language Consultations

Are you trying to improve your English or Czech, but you don't know how? Whether you have tried any courses or you're a false beginner, it's possible you haven't found the right way of learning. What works for your friends doesn't have to work for you. There are many classic and alternative methods so it can be overwhelming. 

The sooner you find the most effective way for you, the faster you'll reach your goal and you'll save your time and money, perhaps some nerves too. 


Discount for students: 20%

The price includes a pdf document with all the suggestions mentioned above. 

The consultation takes 90 minutes during which we'll:

  • clarify your motivation

  • find out what type of a learner you are, what has and hasn't worked for you when learning

  • talk about your fears and blocks which might complicate the learning process

  • discuss your time availability

  • set your goals that you want to achieve

  • develop an action plan

  • suggest right methods 

  • provide you with some tips and tricks

  • give you appropriate sources to diversify learning process


90 min = CZK 1,499


Facing an obstacle? Looking for the right studying materials? Lacking motivation or a making no progress? We can discuss everything you need help with and much more, even how to set right goals which will move you forward.

The consultation takes 50 minutes during which I'll 

  • discuss the problem with you

  • share my expertise & experience 

  • try to help you to solve it

  • provide tips and materials for further study

  • send you the summary

50 min = CZK 799

Discount for students: 20%

Individuální výuka
  • more time and space only for you

  • no distraction or waiting

  • personalised feedback

  • a fixed date and time slot = regularity, but also flexibility

  • faster progress

  • online and off-line with aspects of language coaching and mentoring

6o min = CZK 600

45 min = CZK 500

  • join with your friend or join newly opened courses

  • learn and motivate each other

  • work and progress together

  • share the price

  • great for shier students

Czech for Permanent Residence

Do you need to get ready for a regular exam/test at school?

I specialize in Maturita and Cambridge exams (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE)

I will tell you about the format, show you strategies and give you tips for a successful pass. 


Are you studying Czech for foreigners? I will help you to prepare for Czech Exams for:       

Permanent Residence (Trvalý pobyt)

Citizenship (České občanství)

We will look at the format, practise the individual parts, and show you various strategies which will help you pass the exam. 

Asynchronous learning

You don’t want to waste time going to a language school, and you want to study when and where YOU desire?


It is exactly what asynchronous learning can offer you.

The only thing you need is a computer or a smartphone. Study when and where you see fit. You don’t have to worry about any synchronizing with the teacher’s schedule. 



Every week you will receive materials (videos, links, tips etc.) and tasks which you will have to complete in one week. Then you will get comments and feedback. 


At the beginning of each cooperation there is a consultation when we discuss details. After that I will prepare a personalized course plan. The plan will focus on topics you will need. I will recommend methods and techniques how to achieve your targets. Furthermore, you will be provided with tips and supplementary materials for easier studying.

Price: CZK 500 a week

Minimum length for this course is 1 month.


These asynchronous lessons can be combined with online lessons. It is great when you want to consult something or practise speaking.

Let me know your idea and we will concoct the right cocktail of online and offline lessons.For more information, please contact me

Do you need to speak more, but you are  too busy to have regularly scheduled lessons or attend courses? This could be something for you. Use your time wisely and efficiently. Work on your communication skills on your way home, during cooking, on a walk or when having a cup of tea.

The calls can be done on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram or the phone. 

The conversation lessons are available in packages of 5, 10, or 15.

Phone Conversation

15 min = CZK 280

Are you a company looking for lessons for your teams or individuals?

Do you need your employees to be trained to deliver professional presentations or write formal emails? I can prepare one-time seminars or tailor lessons for you. 

I have taught people at all different levels including directors, managers, marketing, IT or HR specialists. 

The focus can be on General, Business English or English for specific purposes. 

For more information, please contact me. 

Translation services
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