Tereza Culkova

Hello! Welcome!

I cannot believe it will be almost 20 years of me being immersed in English. Everything started with an extracurricular  English course in a primary school. It was the first time ever I was being surrounded by a foreign language and I fell in love with it.

Since then I have been on a very long journey of studying, understanding and applying the language.

During years of  hard work I realised there is nothing  else I would rather do in my life than helping others, you, with whom I can share not only my knowledge but also joy, hardship and  strategies facilitating learning/acquiring and using the language. 

The same goes for Czech langauge  that is my mother tongue. As I have experience with foreign language teaching, I give lessons of Czech language as a foreign language too.  

Lessons newly in Prague!!!


New challenges

My roles

  • FACILITATOR - helping to make learning easier

  • TEACHER - teaching = transfering knowledge to you

  • MENTOR​ - watching and supporting you on the way towards your goal

  • COACH - pushing you towards your goal, providing ongoing guidance on your progress

  • MOTIVATOR - supplying energy and motivation when you're losing it

  • (SELF)EDUCATOR - educating not only you

  • LANGUAGE LEARNER - shares own learning experience and thinking processes

Lessons newly in Prague!!!

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