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The word ‘actual’ doesn’t have the same meaning as the Czech word ‘aktuální’. ‘Actual’ is used for emphasizing 1) what is true or exact, 2) that something is real and not imaginary and 3) the word that follows.

Aktuální can be translated as current / present / up-to-date.

Actual is translated as skutečný / opravdový

o Another false friend is the word actually = ‘vlastně’. It doesn’t mean ‘aktuálně’.

It is usually used to express extra information (an opinion or a comment) to something that has been said.

Actually, I haven’t met her yet. Vlastně jsem ji ještě nepotkala.

I will have to leave soon. In few hours actually. Budu muset brzy odejít. Vlastně už za pár hodin.

o actually = ‘really’ = opravdu, vážně, skutečně

Where did you actually spend the night? Kde jsi vážně strávil noc?

You were right actually. Ve skutečnosti jste měla pravdu.

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