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Tereza Culková

M.A. Tereza Culková

I impart knowledge of languages to gain freedom and discover the unknown

I give confidence in using the language to myself and my students. I teach in such a way that students benefit from my strengths - professionalism & friendliness. They know they can make mistakes with me and thus learn the most. Just as I can handle the challenge of communicating in a variety of situations without shame or fear, I bring exactly this to my lessons so that my students can experience and also master it and we can solve the "raw" problems they come to me with. This allows us to learn about more than just English culture and to enrich each other with experiences we share in conversation.


I am focused and structured - I have mastered the foreign language(s) myself so that I can break down and explain even difficult grammar, while at the same time students appreciate the empathy, flexibility, clear materials, and learning environment I prepare for them when studying with me. My students and I know that we will get the furthest in the language if I monitor and appreciate their progress and if we meet regularly. I am reliable and punctual and almost never cancel lessons. 

I also bring elements of mentoring and coaching into teaching. 

My work is structured in such a way that I earn enough in my working hours. And in my non-work time, I get to do everything I love, from eating breakfast in bed on Saturday mornings to traveling and experiencing foreign cultures and spending time with my family. 


I know that what I do is really a job well done. I am finding and developing ways to balance my life into a harmony of work and non-work time. I like to use the free time to inspire not only my students, but anyone who finds my experiences and insights inspiring to pursue their dreams and gain freedom and explore the unknown.

My journey

I cannot believe it will be almost 20 years of me being immersed in English. Everything started with an extracurricular  English course in a primary school. It was the first time ever I was being surrounded by a foreign language and I fell in love with it.

Since then I have been on a very long journey of studying, understanding and applying the language.

During years of  hard work I realized there is nothing  else I would rather do in my life than helping others, you, with whom I can share not only my knowledge but also joy, hardship and  strategies facilitating learning/acquiring and using the language. 

From one lesson to a hobby,
passion and a lifetime adventure...

Do you want to change your life or enhance it a bit? Well, I am here to help you.

English has changed my life and I cannot imagine my life without it. I have met people from around the world and seen many places thanks to English that has been a tool for me being adventurous. I want to share this joy with you and be your companion on this journey. So, let's start now. There is just one click between you and your dreams.  



  • BA in English for Business - University of Pardubice (CZ)

  • MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL - University of Portsmouth (UK)


  • CAE (Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English)

  • TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)


  • since 2014: tutoring

  • 2016-2018: European Educational Centre in Pardubice - English teacher

  • 2018 - present: on-line lessons

  • summer 2019 - MLI in Portsmouth (UK) - English teacher

  • October 2019 - a freelance EFL teacher, teaching in companies, online, F2F 

  • teaching Czech as a Foreign Language 

  • April 2022 - teaching TEFL course in Prague


I've been cooperating with: 

Business Lease
Robert Bosch odbytová s.r.o.
Trask Solutions


Therapeutic Art Life Couch Certification (2020)

Jak učit češtinu začátečníky 22nd January 2021

Arabic lessons

Studying Spanish - September 2021

September 2021 - Úrovně podle SERRJ: novinky a praxe (ÚJOP)

Tvoříme online vzdělávací výzvu 

Mluvení v češtině (2022)

Pracovní listy (2023)

  • FACILITATOR - helping to make learning easier

  • TEACHER - teaching = transfering knowledge to you

  • MENTOR​ - watching and supporting you on the way towards your goal

  • COACH - pushing you towards your goal, providing ongoing guidance on your progress

  • MOTIVATOR - supplying energy and motivation when you're losing it

  • (SELF)EDUCATOR - educating not only you

  • LANGUAGE LEARNER - shares own learning experience and thinking processes

      ...and perhaps a bit of a psychologist too 


... and why my lessons?

  1. individually tailored

  2. communicative

  3. enjoyable

  4. interactive

  5. stimulating and challenging

  6. friendly atmosphere

  7. hate free zone

  8. great references

  9. success of my students - Maturita & Cambridge exams

  10. flexible

  11. open to taboo topics

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