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Updated: Mar 29, 2023

- after the following expressions we use verbs with -ing

- study the phrases and examples:

· It’s no use / It’s no good…

It’s no use asking him again. He won’t join us.

It’s no good calling them now as they’ll be on the plane.

· There’s no point in…

There was no point in taking students to the museum because they would be bored.

There’s no point in watching this film. I have seen it and I know the end.

What’s the point of buying a new car if we already have two?

· It’s (not) worth …

This book is worth reading.

It wasn’t worth going to Spain in July as it was scorching.

· have trouble / difficulty / a problem …

We’ve had some trouble starting the engine.

I had difficulty breathing.

Nowadays people have problems writing as they are used to typing.

· spend/waste (time) …

I always spend months trying to come up with ideas for Christmas presents.

· be busy

My boss is always busy attending meetings.

I was busy helping my friend moving at the weekend.

· go – used for activities – mainly sports

go swimming, go cycling, go fishing, go camping, go jogging

go shopping, go sightseeing, go hitchhiking

· be used to - be accustomed to

I am used to falling asleep with a radio on.

Our dog isn't used to sleeping outside.

More information about this phrase can be found in this article:

Exercise 1: Complete the sentences so that they are true for you using -ing forms

1. I had difficulty…

2. My friend didn’t have any problem …..

3. Have you had trouble …

4. This series isn’t worth …

5. There was no point in …

Exercise 2: Create sentences using these words and at the same time keep the -ing phrase.

e.g., go – I go sailing every summer.

have trouble

be worth

no point

be busy

no good

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