I was sattisfied with what we did in lessons. I have definitely improved my English but there is still many things left for me to improve. I appreciated we focused on grammar I had problems with. I would certainly recommend Tereza's lessons.

Maria Kuzmová UK 

May 20, 2019

I have lessons with Tereza once a week. I always look forward to her lessons because I know she will teach me something new. She also explains me everything I need. I like her lessons and I'm happy I came right across Tereza.

Michaela Foukalová CZ 

June 5, 2019

What I like about English lessons with Tereza Culkova is their diversity. The lessons are not boring but on the contrary. I always look forward to them. Earlier I used to have face-to-face lessons at Tereza’s house but after her departure I thought that even my lessons will be over. However, it wasn’t the end. Despite the distance my lessons on Skype are scheduled regularly and everything works as it is supposed to. I would even say that it helps me more to improve my speaking which I struggle with.Thanks to Tereza, I started to speak English. She motivates me by various listening tasks and mainly we communicate in English, even in text messages when making arrangements or sharing information. When it comes to vocabulary, I have everything in an online application Quizlet. I don’t have to learn words by reading them like a telephone list. Moreover, they are organized according to topics, with pronunciation and pictures which is great.

The teacher is always very well prepared and the whole lesson is filled.  I like that Tereza chooses topics that we discuss together in advance and in the lessons, she gives me everything – texts, vocabulary, listening exercises, tasks, words in a form of pictures, or various gap filling exercises, handouts and also the practical usage of language. Besides different topics we also discuss grammar which is not explained in a forcible way, but it is accompanied by pictures and practical exercises, which is much better than reading and studying long grammatical rules. ter some time there is a revision of studied topics from previous lessons which teaches me a bit more, what I didn’t remember from the first phase. That is such a good thing.

My teacher always helps with anything I need to work, primarily with a writing form. I have also listening exercises which are connected to my working field. Earlier learning English used to be my nightmare but now it is joy and I look forward to the lessons with Tereza.

Thanks to that I learn better, calmly, without stress and with joy and pleasure.I can only recommend Tereza Culkova. I have not had a better teacher yet than she is. So, do not hesitate to get in touch with her, you will be really delighted.

Iva Zavrelova CZ, May 20, 2019

Let me and others know what your experience was!
It will be very much appreciated.

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