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Začínáte shánět dárky a máte v okolí někoho, koho baví jazyky, potřeboval by pomoc, nebo se dlouho odhodlává začít? Pořiďte jim tento poukaz třeba jen na úvodní lekci, nebo konzultaci.Případně se rozšoupněte a zvolte celý asynchronní kurz. Třeba jim tak pomůžete nastartovat cestu ke jejich cíli (studium v zahraničí, pohovor, jazykové zkoušky, vysněná dovolená atd.)

Budu potřebovat akorát jméno obdarovaného, částku, předmět.

If you have started to make plans for X-mas presents and you know somebody who is interested in languages, needs help or has been planning to start for ages, get them this voucher. It can be only for the first lesson or consultation as well as the whole asynchronous course. You may help them start their journey towards their goals (studying abroad, interviews, language exams or dream holiday.

I will need the name of the gifted, the amount, the service. 

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Language consultation Jazyková konzultace
Skupinová výuka
Asynchronní výuka
Příprava na zkoušky / Exams preparation
15 minutovka / hodiny přes telefon

What will you get? 

  • various materials 

  • practical language for everyday situations

  • common as well as extraordinary topics which go beyond the topics in textbooks

  • focus on grammar you will need for advancing 

  • personalised feedback + correction during the lesson

  • homework + sources and tips for extra practice

  • my own materials and constant attention  

  • a friendly and professional attitude

  • last but not least, you will enjoy some fun 

We will focus on your aim on which we are going to work together. You will learn exactly what you need and want. Everything goes even smoother with the right motivation. Therefore, it would be great to ask yourself: Why do I want to learn Czech or English? or What goal could I set for myself?

 I am always glad when my students reach the goal they set at the start. I am devoted to my lesson because I wish my students had the same experiences and had a taste of the same freedom as me thanks to languages. It is never too late to start learning something new. After all, with all the new knowledge you will enrich not only yourself but also your friends family and other people you will meet. 

With learning and improving even your self-confidence and contentment will grow after having a quality  conversation with new people without feeling embarrassed. That is why strategies and tips how to fight fear of speaking is part of the lessons. 

What else is included in the price:

Preparation of a tailored lesson, giving and checking homework as well as a possibility to contact me outside our lessons in case you have an urgent question or need my help. I would like the lessons to be great investment and meaningfully spent time. 

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