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-       has two functions – a determiner and a pronoun



-       used before nouns => indefinite, unlimited or unknown quantities


Weak form – in questions and negative sentences

Do you know any lawyers? – in questions (with uncountable or plural nouns)

We haven’t got any milk. – in negative (with uncountable or plural nouns)

I don’t have any news for you. – in negative (with uncountable or plural nouns)


!!! We use ‘some’ before plural countable nouns in statements!!!

I need to buy some bananas to make a milkshake.

Valentyn gave me some flowers.


!!! We use ‘a/an’ before singular countable nouns!!!

Have you got a sister or a brother?

We don’t have a dog.


Strong form – used mostly in affirmative sentences, meaning ‘it does not matter which’, used with all types of nouns, describing something which is not limited


If you need any help, let me know.

Should you have any questions, contact Mrs. Merrell.

I would go to any place, just far from here.

John might buy you any ring you choose.

You can stop by any day you like.



-       any can be used without a noun following if it is understood from the context


A: Can I take some painkillers?

B: I don’t think we have any.


A: Did you receive my message?

B: I didn’t get any.

EXERCISES:Revise the use of any, some, a/an

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